One of the coolest SNG trucks

Thursday 19 April 2018


By John Stoltz, VP Global Media for Network Innovations.  

Network Innovations (NI) is proud to offer our Newtec Dialog-based, Ku-band MAVERICK high-reliability VSAT service to Delmarva affiliate, WBOC, for guaranteed satellite Internet access.  

In the competitive world of today’s “breaking news”, broadcasters need the ability to get to and report the story quicklyFrontline Communications, the leading manufacturer of custom broadcast vehicles, through its terrific design engineering, has provided this news-gathering vehicle solution in the form of the WBOC Jeep:

  • Using the bonded-cellular IP encoder technology from TVU Networks, the field reporter can get the story ‘live on air’ with minimal set-up time. 
  • Utilizing the ‘stabilized’ Explorer driveway antenna in conjunction with the MAVERICK “OU” service, the solution provides the ability to guarantee the live-shot, within a couple of minutes via satellite, when cellular networks are weak, congested or simply unavailable. 

MAVERICK offers the broadcaster the ability to make phone calls, have standard Internet access for email, file transfers, and other office/studio applications as well as booking dedicated Streaming IP service for live shots. 

This is one of the coolest satellite truck vehicles I have seen on the market today which truly allows for digital-news-gathering-on-the-go.

The WBOC Jeep is exactly what is needed in the broadcast SNG market — reliability, quick deployment and ease of workflow.

Utilizing the power of Newtec’s Mx-DMA technology as part of the Newtec Dialog platform, NI is able to provide dedicated bandwidth by dynamically changing the:

  1. power
  2. modulation
  3. frequency of the satellite uplink nearly instantaneously. 

The upper right picture shows the high-performance Newtec MDM3100 Satellite Modem integrated in the jeep supporting the wide range of IP services needed for this application in a cost-effective way.

The professional-grade MAVERICK service is ideal for satellite newsgathering as it allows constant maintenance of link and thereby guaranteeing the return bandwidth needed for IP-based live shots and today’s demanding DNG workflows

Network Innovations also works closely with each client in order to customize their service as much as possible including going as far down as a layer seven application level.  This personalization of the MAVERICK service is a major differentiator from other satellite services and hub technologies facilitating an easy and efficient workflow.  NI pays attention to the customer’s needs, applications and requirements first to provide the ideal solution as opposed to simply pushing an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all service. 

NI’s service solution and the Newtec platform allows for the customization of clients’ profiles, QoS and service levels. The WBOC Jeep, cellular encoder, satellite antenna and MAVERICK High-Reliability VSAT service is the perfect combination which allows quick, reliable and affordable connectivity essential for today’s S-DNG requirements

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Best regards,


John Stoltz
VP Global Media for Network Innovations