The Best Road Trip Ever, Powered by Newtec Dialog

Friday 9 November 2018
The Best Road Trip Ever, Powered by Newtec Dialog


When Stratosat Datacom was approached by customers who were looking for higher bandwidth throughput solutions for terrestrial mobility connectivity, we rose to the challenge. As a company that always puts their customer requirements first, we turned to our technology partners, Kymeta and Newtec to make things happen.

Stratosat’s customer live demo vehicle, used for the Kymeta/Newtec field trials in South Africa

To see what could be achieved, it was decided that a Kymeta KyWay Communications on The Move (COTM) antenna would be mounted atop an SUV (known as a ‘Bakkie’ locally) and that network performance tests would be carried out. (Picture: Stratosat’s customer live demo vehicle, used for the Kymeta/Newtec field trials in South Africa)

The network tests were run using Newtec’s MDM3310 modem on Liquid Telecom’s Newtec Dialog® platform over the Intelsat EpicNG IS-33e Ku-band satellite. The results were staggering and achieved the highest available throughput over an Intelsat EpicNG satellite, even for a contended network service. This, once again, proved the performance of Newtec’s technology. (Picture: Kymeta’s KyWay antenna)

But this isn’t the end for ‘bakkie’ and the system as it’s going to be making the considerable journey all the way from Johannesburg to Cape Town, where the annual AfricaCom 2018 (Africa's largest tech and telco event) will kick off next Tuesday. Along with ourselves and Kymeta (who will join us on our booth this year), Intelsat, Liquid Telecom and Newtec, will all be exhibiting at the event. The journey will cover approximately 1,400km; almost the length of the entire country. During this time, the connection and performance of the terminal will be tracked, offering a great opportunity to test the antenna in the field. (Picture: Newtec's MDM3310, used in the tests)

Who is Stratosat Datacom?

Stratosat Datacom forms part of the German based SCHAUENBURG International Group, which is a fast-growing family business with more than 30 affiliated companies worldwide. Investments are focused on niche technologies in electronics, plastic processing, engineering and industrial solutions on a global scale. Stratosat Datacom, established in 2002, provides turnkey satellite and wireless converged communication network solutions including design, product supply, systems integration, installation, commissioning, handover, training and operational services to partners the likes of major ISP’s (Internet Service Providers), MNO’s (Mobile Network Operators), broadcasters, satellite network operators and system integrators. The Stratosat group is also engaged into various vertical markets including but not limited to telecommunications, mining, government, transportation, enterprise, NGO, oil & gas, construction & military/defence

More on Newtec’s Technology

Newtec’s technology supports and enhances services across land mobile platforms and promotes very high data rates and increased efficiency, enabling service providers to serve their customers even more effectively. Newtec’s Mx-DMA return technology can further boost efficiency on the Newtec Dialog platform by adjusting the frequency plan, the symbol rate and the modulation, coding and power in real-time for every terminal in the satellite network. At the same time, as traffic demand changes for the remote terminal, bandwidth is allocated on- the-fly, seamlessly. The implementation of Mx-DMA results in the doubling of transponder throughput using the same bandwidth. Within the Mx-DMA return link each carrier is assigned to only one terminal. As such SCPC-like maximum return efficiencies are achieved.
Further optimization can be achieved using DVB-S2X, which is supported by all Newtec remote modems and terminals, ensuring better services, efficiencies and lower costs.

Come and say ‘Hi’ at AfricaCom

If you are visiting AfricaCom next week, be sure to stop by the Stratosat and Kymeta booth and make sure you drop in to see the other players in this great story – Intelsat, Liquid Telecom, Newtec and Meanswhat. Please see the floorplan below so you can plan your own road trip around the show floor!

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We look forward to seeing you there!